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Ice Cream High Pressure Homogenizer

Ice Cream High Pressure Homogenizer

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High-pressure homogenizer operation instructions

1. Ensure that the feed tube of the machine is clean. It is necessary to ensure that the homogeneous material liquid contains no impurities. Note: Make sure that there are no metal particles in the material to be homogenized or broken; the presence of metal particles in the liquid will seriously damage the inlet valve and the homogenizing valve, making the machine unusable.

2. Make sure that the handwheel of the two-stage homogenizing valve is completely loose, but care must be taken not to be too loose.

3. Press the switch on the pressure gauge to confirm that the value displayed on the pressure gauge is zero.

Boot preparation

1. Add clean water to the hopper and open the exhaust valve for exhaust.

2, turn on the power switch, run the machine, the discharge is even and continuous, no abnormal noise.

3, you can first adjust the pressure, first add a secondary valve, to the pressure of 10% -15% and then add a first-stage valve to the required pressure. After the homogenization is completed, the first-stage valve pressure needs to be removed first, and then the secondary pressure is removed until the pressure gauge displays 0 before the shutdown operation can be performed. Note: If the liquid is discharged from the discharge port after 30 seconds of starting, it indicates that there is air blockage in the pressure block. The equipment should be closed, the feed valve opened, the feed fluid introduced into the pressure block, and the feed valve reinstalled before starting the operation.


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