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120KG Scientz-150 High Pressure Homogenizer

120KG Scientz-150 High Pressure Homogenizer

SCIENTZ-150 High Pressure Homogenizer ZL200910099490.4 HIGH PRESSURE HOMOGENIZER 8435 High pressure homogenizer using the material in the special role of plunger into the valve which it is adjustable pressure, after a certain width limiting slot (work area), transient voltage loss of material at...

   In Europe, the United States, China, Japan, South Korea and other countries, high-pressure homogenizers are commonly used cell crushing equipment.

   The structure of the Scientz-150 high-pressure homogenizer is driven by a motor to generate pressure in the homogenized valve body.

   The cell slurry enters the homogenizing valve body through the check valve, forcing it to rush out at high speed in the small hole of the homogenizing valve under high pressure, and due to instantaneous decompression and high-speed impact,

   The cells are simultaneously disrupted by high liquid shearing effects, cavitation effects, and impact effects. 

Main Technical Parameters

Maximum working   pressure

1200bar/120M   pa/17400psi

Maximum design   pressure


Maximum capacity

12L/h25L/h  two   models machine

Minimum capacity



Built-in cooler

Motor Power






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   The high-pressure homogenizer mainly relies on three repeatedly moving plungers to generate a great pressure. The first and second homogenizing valves are homogenized and emulsified, and the materials are discharged from the discharge port to make the materials more delicate and not stratified.

   The main functions are: improve the uniformity and stability of the product; increase the shelf life; reduce the reaction time to save a lot of catalysts or additives; change the consistency of the product to improve the taste and color of the product.

Biological application case:

   Enzyme engineering, human vaccine, veterinary vaccine, HPV vaccine, fusion protein, nucleic acid, insulin, reagent, antibody, etc.

   Numerous biological products factories, pharmaceutical factories, universities, research institutes, E. coli, yeast, or ocean baths

   Cell-like cells, etc., placed in a high-pressure homogenizer, pressurized to 1500-2000 bar, the cell wall is broken, and the cells are extracted.

   The active ingredients such as proteins and enzymes have been produced into vaccines, reagents, and antibodies, which have brought considerable profits.










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