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Scientz-18ND Freeze Drying Machine Freeze Dryers Lyophilizers With Electrical Heating

ND series freeze dryer (electric heating type) FREEZE-DRYING SYSTEM The ND freeze-dryer adds heating to the N-series, accelerating the drying process, saving energy, and providing heating curve settings with a variety of drying solutions for laboratory use. This series of freeze dryer is divided...

The application of freeze drying technology in the medical field.

    In recent years, the application of freeze-drying technology to the preparation of pharmaceuticals has become increasingly widespread, and attempts to use it for the lyophilization of blood products and biological products are also becoming new research hotspots. In the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine, lyophilization technology can maximize the activity of medicinal active ingredients, better maintain the appearance quality, color, odor of the medicinal materials, complete dehydration, good preservation, and has unparalleled superiority in other drying technologies. , on behalf of the product ginseng, Cordyceps sinensis, yam and so on. With the development of modernization techniques and freeze-drying techniques of traditional Chinese medicine, the application of freeze-dried preparations is becoming more and more extensive. It can be applied not only to the clinical development of polyproteins, but also to the research and development of modern formulations of botanicals.


    In the preparation of western medicine, the medicine produced by this method is characterized by structural stability and substantially unchanged biological activity; the volatile component and the heat-sensitive component in the medicine are rarely lost; the porous shape is good, and the drug effect is good; 95% to 99% of water can be stored at room temperature for a long time, such as amoxicillin sodium. In the preservation of biological products, after decades of research, many important cells and tissues have been cryopreserved, such as important applications in the preservation of skin, blood vessels, corneas, bones, and the like.

Freeze-dried injection of the drug.

Freeze-dried injectable drugs are more and more widely used in clinical practice, which can greatly extend the shelf life of drugs and transportation costs, as shown in the figure.









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