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Scientz-10N Lab Lyophilizer Vacuum Freeze Dryer Machine With Competitive Prices

N series freeze dryer FREEZE-DRYING SYSTEM N series freeze-drying machine is compact, with large-scale freeze dryer flexibility, less space, can handle more flexible samples, cost-effective. Suitable for small laboratory, and can choose a variety of configurations: Common type: suitable for bulk...

Freeze dryer application

    In the laboratory, lyophilization has many different uses and is indispensable in many biochemical and pharmaceutical applications. It is used to obtain biological materials that can be preserved for a long period of time, such as microbial culture, enzymes, blood, and pharmaceuticals, in addition to the long-term preservation stability, retaining its inherent biological activity and structure.

    To this end, lyophilization is used to prepare tissue samples for structural studies (eg, electron microscopy studies). Freeze drying is also used in chemical analysis to obtain dried samples or to concentrate samples to increase analytical sensitivity. Freeze-drying stabilizes the sample composition without changing the chemical composition, which is an ideal analytical aid.

Freeze drying example


        Before drying                                                     After drying












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