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Scientz-100F Top Press Freeze Dryer Ordinary Best Freeze Dryer

This series of freeze dryers are suitable for pilot and production. The equipment adopts PLC control, low temperature silicone oil refrigerant and cascade compressor unit, which makes the temperature lower and the control is more fine. It is used in pharmaceutical, Chinese herbal extract, health...

Application of freeze dryer in food industry

 Freeze-dried beverage

A brewed beverage product that is processed into a powder, granule or block with sugar (or no sugar), fruit juice (or no juice), plant extracts and other ingredients is a brewed beverage. For example, solid beverages such as coffee and tea, as well as juice, fruit tea, vegetable juice, health tea, nutritious tea, nutritional granules, and red green tea. The combination of refreshing drinks and freeze-drying technology is both nutritious and easy to reconcile, catering to the nutritional health needs of consumers in a fast-paced life. Yang Hongyuan uses vacuum drying technology to process fresh Luo Han Guo kelp composite solid-break beverage, which has rich nutrition and health care ingredients and food safety without long-term high temperature and high pressure treatment without any additives.

Because the freeze-drying technology can retain the color, nutrition and flavor of the raw materials to the utmost extent, the freeze-dried beverages are light in weight, small in size, easy to pack and carry; low in water content, microbial growth is inhibited, easy to preserve, and fast in speed. It is convenient for people to drink. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the development of beverages will continue to develop, and will play a more important role in enhancing people's physical fitness and meeting the needs of human life.




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