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Overall Dimension 750L 1100L 1150L 1280L 1300L 1500L Freeze Dryer

This series of freeze dryers are suitable for pilot and production. The equipment adopts PLC control, low temperature silicone oil refrigerant and cascade compressor unit, which makes the temperature lower and the control is more fine. It is used in pharmaceutical, Chinese herbal extract, health...


Application of freeze dryer in food industry

  The food is firstly frozen at a low temperature, and then heated and dried under vacuum, so that the frozen water formed in the food is directly converted into a gaseous state to be volatilized, so it is also called sublimation dried food.

The advantage of this food is that the nutrients can be preserved in good condition and can be stored for a long time. Since the food is dehydrated under vacuum, the tissue and choroid system inside the food is rarely damaged, and the traits and taste of the original food can be restored after rehydration. They are usually small packages, so it is very convenient to carry.

Freeze-dried meat products

   Recently, freeze-dried meat products in the domestic and foreign markets have reached a fairly high proportion, and maintain a rapid development. This is because vacuum freeze-drying not only improves the quality of meat products, prolongs the shelf life of products, improves the grade of dried products, but also produces ready-to-eat meat products, rich meat products, added value and sales channels. Therefore, many scholars have studied the vacuum freeze-drying technology of meat products. Qiao Xiaoling and others studied the rehydration quality of dried beef lyophilized products. It was found that there was no significant difference in shape, color, microstructure, flavor substance content, sensory quality and fresh products after rehydration.

Among the freeze-dried meat products, aquatic products are also a research hotspot. The existing aquatic products in the market include shrimp, scallops, sea cucumber, squid, turtle, sea bream and sea vegetables. Gaojialong et al. used oyster as raw material to optimize the vacuum freeze-drying process and found that its rehydration time was only 20 min, and the nutritional quality was higher than that of the commercially available oyster products prepared by ordinary drying methods.















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