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SCIENTZ-18N Lyophilizer Manufacturers Vacuum Function Freeze Dryer

Vacuum centrifugal concentrator Spec Equipped with rotary frozen device, namely Scientz - 10LS centrifugal concentration meter, by adopting the combination of centrifugal force, vacuum and accelerate the method to make samples of solvent evaporation, so, reach the role of concentrated samples.It...

Freeze-drying characteristics of vegetables:

1. Cold-dried vegetables retain the nutrients and color, aroma and taste of fresh vegetables to the utmost extent. The drying of freeze-dried vegetables is carried out under low temperature and vacuum conditions, which greatly reduces the loss of some heat sensitive and highly oxidizable substances, and maximizes the preservation of various nutrients in vegetables.

2, freeze-dried fruit does not lose the skeleton structure of the original vegetables, maintaining the original shape of the fruit.

3, rehydration performance is good, closer to the quality of fresh vegetables.

4. There is no surface hardening problem caused by general drying methods.

5, easy to store and transport.

Freeze-dried spinach