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Lab Vacuum Freeze Dryer Scientz-12N Top-pressmulti-pipeline

Lab Vacuum Freeze Dryer Scientz-12N Top-pressmulti-pipeline

N series freeze dryer FREEZE-DRYING SYSTEM N series freeze-drying machine is compact, with large-scale freeze dryer flexibility, less space, can handle more flexible samples, cost-effective. Suitable for small laboratory, and can choose a variety of configurations: Common type: suitable for bulk...

Scientz freeze dryer freeze-drying example

The freeze-dried fig belongs to the technical field of fruit processing, in particular to a dried lyophilized product capable of maintaining the color and nutrition of fresh fruit, having good rehydration, light weight and being stored at room temperature, and a processing method thereof. Improvement of freeze-dried fig technology, fruit and vegetable freeze-drying equipment (hereinafter: freeze dryer) to promote the development of fruit deep processing.

As we all know, fig has a wide range of nutritional value and medicinal value, is a special fruit and natural botanical drugs, known as "the patron saint of human health in the 21st century." However, after the fig is mature, the fresh-keeping period is very short 2-3 days, it is easy to saccharify and rot. The fully mature fruit can only be placed for 1 day at room temperature, and the fresh-keeping period of individual varieties is about 1 week after low temperature treatment. Most of the figs in the producing areas are processed locally, except for some fresh sales.

  At present, there are many kinds of processed figs developed in production, such as dried fruit, dried fruit, jam, beverage, fruit wine, fruit tea, canned food, etc., but the following problems exist: (1) the processing technology is backward, the appearance quality of the fruit, the structure of the fruit, The nutrient composition changes greatly, and the retention rate of physiological active ingredients is low; (2) in order to prolong the shelf life and improve the flavor, the addition of various food additives and preservatives brings health hazards; storage and transportation have special requirements on environment and space, resulting in Recurring expenses such as storage and sales increase.

    The freeze-drying machine is applied to the deep processing of the fig, and the freeze-dried fig avoids the defects of discoloration, odor, large loss of nutrients and poor rehydration caused by the traditional dehydration drying technology, and maximizes the appearance quality and nutritional value of the raw fruit. The product has the advantages of good rehydration performance, light weight and durability.

    The freeze-dried figs produced by Shanghai Zuole Instrument Co., Ltd. have freeze-dried invariable type, no discoloration, no taste, comfortable taste and sufficient nutritional value. One to one preserves the shape of the fig more color. It is an ideal lyophilization equipment for scientific research, catering and food processing.

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