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12kw Easy and Safe Vacuum Freeze Dryer on Sale

12kw Easy and Safe Vacuum Freeze Dryer on Sale

Spray Dryer, Freeze Dryer, Freeze Spray Dryer manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 12kw Easy and Safe Vacuum Freeze Dryer on Sale (YC-3000), 200L Volume Herb Extractor and Concentration Equipment, University Laboratory Equipment Mini Spray Dryer and so on.

Why is it a more effective drying method for heat-sensitive material freeze dryers?

Lyophilization is an effective method for drying heat sensitive articles and materials that require biological activity. In this method, the product to be dried is frozen at a low temperature, and then dried in a vacuum environment to allow the moisture to be directly sublimated from the solid state into water vapor and removed from the product to dry the product.

Firstly, the method effectively prevents the physical and chemical changes of the product and the biological characteristics, and damages the structure and characteristics of the organism and the cells, so that it quickly enters a dormant state, and effectively protects the stability of the active ingredients of many heat-sensitive drug biological products. For example, proteins and microorganisms do not degenerate and lose their biological activity;

Secondly, the lyophilized product has a loose shape and no change in color after drying. After adding water, it can quickly dissolve and restore the physical and chemical properties and biological activity of the original aqueous solution.

Third, since drying is carried out under vacuum conditions, it has a good protective effect on some easily oxidizable substances. Fourth, the moisture content of the product after lyophilization is very low, so that the stability of the product is improved, and the chance of being contaminated is reduced, which not only facilitates transportation but also prolongs the shelf life of the product.


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