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Freeze Dryer

Appearance, ergonomic design, easy operation. Imported closed compressor, high reliability, low noise.Cold trap opening big, with samples of pre-freeze function.Cold trap made of stainless steel, cold trap inside the disk management, clean corrosion.
  • SCIENTZ-10N Benchtop Laboratory Heating Function Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer

    SCIENTZ-10N Benchtop Laboratory Heating Function Lyophilizer Freeze Dryer

    Lyophilizer : It applies a technical method by which moisure-bearing substances frozen in advance become dry in the cacuum owing to vaporizing away the moisure. The substances frozen can be well-preserved for a long time and returned to their former state once being watered...Read More
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Freeze Dryer

    Chinese Herbal Medicine Freeze Dryer

    Chenpi, the name of Chinese medicine. It is a dry mature peel of the Citrus reticulata Blanco and its cultivar. The medicinal materials are divided into "Chenpi" and "Guangchenpi". It has qi and spleen, dampness and phlegm. Pick ripe fruit, peel off the...Read More
  • Soil Freeze Dryer

    Soil Freeze Dryer

    The application of the lyophilizer in the determination of antibiotics in sediments includes the following steps: (1) Sample preparation: the soil is freeze-dried by a lyophilizer in a low temperature vacuum environment, and then ground; (2) Extraction step: Weigh a certain...Read More
  • Freeze Dryer Application

    Freeze Dryer Application

    Freeze dryer used in paper cultural relics industry Paper cultural relics are a historical testimony with important historical and cultural values that cannot be copied. China has the largest collection of precious paper artifacts, but these precious paper artifacts are now...Read More
  • Pilot Type Freeze Dryer

    Pilot Type Freeze Dryer

    Medium-sized freeze dryer , suitable for pilot or mass production Features: 1. A set of refrigeration system to achieve the drying effect of two machines, low power consumption and large drying capacity, suitable for Chinese and mass production. 2, two groups of control...Read More
  • Large Freeze Dryer

    Large Freeze Dryer

    Features: ● Imported fully enclosed compressor unit with strong water catching capacity; ● The cold trap is made of stainless steel and can be pre-frozen for samples; ● The heating element is made of special materials to reduce the tedious operation of layer temperature...Read More
  • Chinese Medical Herbs Lyophilizer

    Chinese Medical Herbs Lyophilizer

    In the long years, people have tasted a variety of fresh grass and found many herbs that can cure diseases. The application of fresh medicine runs through the whole process of the origin and development of traditional Chinese medicine and is an important part of traditional...Read More
  • Medical Lyophilizer

    Medical Lyophilizer

    Medical freeze dryer application introduction and its advantages In recent years, the demand for pharmaceutical drying equipment by pharmaceutical companies has gradually increased. In particular, the demand for larger-sized equipment and equipment with functional...Read More
  • Medical Freeze Dryer

    Medical Freeze Dryer

    With the continuous development of biopharmaceutical technology, more and more types of biopharmaceuticals have been developed, which have good therapeutic effects for different diseases. However, since the manufacturing environment of biopharmaceuticals is very strict, it is...Read More
  • Coffee Laboratory Freeze Dryer

    Coffee Laboratory Freeze Dryer

    Traditional roasting coffee process: the soluble matter in the roasted and ground coffee powder accounts for about 25%. When the temperature reaches 180 °C, some high molecular weight carbohydrates can be extracted, thereby increasing the extraction rate by 10%-20 %. These...Read More
  • Vacuum Lyophilizer For Dried Beef

    Vacuum Lyophilizer For Dried Beef

    At present, the international market is in short supply for freeze-dried food . The industry believes that the export of freeze-dried beef and other foods is an export-oriented foreign exchange project with promising prospects, high profits and low risks. Let us introduce the...Read More
  • Lab Freeze Dryer For Vaccine

    Lab Freeze Dryer For Vaccine

    Vaccine refers to a preventive biological product used for human vaccination in order to prevent and control the occurrence and prevalence of infectious diseases. In the production process of vaccines, the freeze-drying process has been more and more widely used, because...Read More
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