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Small And Practical Ice-shape, Automatic Ice-water Separation Flake Ice Maker

Automatic Ice Making Machine This machine especially suitable for laboratories, research institute, hospitals, schools etc, it also be used in supermarket food preservation, fishing refrigeration, medical applications, chemical, food processing and other industries. Features: ● Using...

Ice machine schematic

     The following is a brief introduction to the schematic diagram of the ice machine and the specific process map of the ice making machine. I hope that you will be helpful to those in need. The schematic diagram of the ice machine below clearly shows the internal structure of the ice machine, so that you can see at a glance.


Common problem

1. The water flowing from the sprinkler pipe is not smooth, and some ice cubes are not played.

Fault: the water pipe is blocked;

Maintenance: In the state of controlled flow, use tweezers or other sharp objects to clean the attached debris on the water outlet of the spray pipe. Until the flow of water in each hole is smooth.

2. Normal ice making but difficult to dehydrate or not dehydrated;

Fault: The two-way solenoid valve does not work or is stuck;

Maintenance: After starting the ice machine, after generating ice cubes on the ice maker, press and hold the selection button for 3 seconds to enter the forced de-icing state, and touch the solenoid valve by hand. If it does not vibrate, it means that the solenoid valve is not powered properly. Board and cable. If there is vibration, it can be repeatedly de-iced several times to solve the problem of some solenoid valve stuck. If there is still a problem, the solenoid valve is damaged and the solenoid valve needs to be replaced.


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