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5000kg/Day Water Cooled Flake Ice Maker with Touch Screen

5000kg/Day Water Cooled Flake Ice Maker with Touch Screen

Flake Ice Plant, Flake Ice Maker, Flake Ice Making Machine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering 5000kg/Day Water Cooled Flake Ice Maker with Touch Screen, Bitzer Compressor 4he-18y Water Cooled Condensing Unit, Medium High Temperature Maneurop Hermetic Compressor Condensing Unit and so on.

                                       Welcome to buy our quality and cheap 5000kg/day water cooled flake ice maker with touch screen for sale in bulk. As one of the leading Ultrasonic Homogenizer suppliers in China, we also welcome wholesale orders and customized orders. Now, please be free to check the price list with our factory.

Ice machine development trend

With the continuous development of technology, the ice machine has the following development trends:

(1) Increase the rate of ice formation and shorten the ice formation time.

(2) From the ice making to the deicing, the whole process is automatically controlled to improve the operating efficiency and save human resources.

(3) Increase alarm and protection devices to ensure stable and reliable operation of the ice machine. For example, monitoring the water level in the water tank, the level of condensation, the lack of refrigerant, and the operating conditions of the pump.

(4) Improve cooling efficiency by strengthening heat transfer means.


   Ice cube shape of ice machine: square, cylindrical, diamond, moon, snowflake, flake, ice brick, etc. The freezing point can reach below minus 20 °C.

   The ice is beautiful and beautiful, it is not easy to stick into a group, and it is convenient to use ice. The ice cube has high hardness, low temperature, crystal clear and transparent, not easy to melt, and the speed of cooling items is fast.

   The stainless steel casing is luxurious and generous, anti-corrosive, easy to clean, durable and has high heat preservation performance.

   Ningbo Scientz specializes in the production of snowflake ice machines with stable performance and efficient ice making. It is a good helper for your work.

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