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Flake Ice Maker

The machine especially suit able for laboratories ,research institute ,hospital ,schools etc ,it's also be used in supermarket food preservation ,fishing refrigeration ,medical applications chemical ,food processing and other industies
  • XB-20/XB-30/XB-40/XB-50/XB-70/XB-85/XB-100/XB-130 Flake Ice Maker

    XB-20/XB-30/XB-40/XB-50/XB-70/XB-85/XB-100/XB-130 Flake Ice Maker

    This machine especially suitable for laboratories, research institute, hospitals, schools etc, it also be used in supermarket food preservation, fishing refrigeration, medical applications, chemical, food processing and other industries. Features: ● Using high-quality...Read More
  • Lab Used Small Capacity Flake Icker

    Lab Used Small Capacity Flake Icker

    XB - Series automatic snow ice machine - Features 1) Use high-quality stainless steel, corrosion and durable, stand-alone integrated structure, compact and simple to save space. 2) Box for the freon-free foam insulation, the insulation effect, Liner for fluorine inhibition...Read More
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