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Table Top Vacuum Steam Dental Sterilizer Autoclave with Drying Function

Table Top Vacuum Steam Dental Sterilizer Autoclave with Drying Function

Dental Autoclave, Autoclave Sterilizer, Medical Equipment manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Table Top Vacuum Steam Dental Sterilizer Autoclave with Drying Function, Veterinary Portable Medical Ultrasound Machine, Veterinary Medical Ultrasound System for Vets and so on.

                                       Welcome to buy our quality and cheap table top vacuum steam dental sterilizer autoclave with drying function for sale in bulk. As one of the leading Drug Testing Instrument suppliers in China, we also welcome wholesale orders and customized orders. Now, please be free to check the price list with our factory.


   Ningbo Scientz is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in scientific instruments and ultrasonic equipment. Its products are exported to more than 30 countries including the United States, Britain, South Korea, France and Russia, and have been widely praised by customers.

How does the autoclave really act as a sterilizer?

   Due to the variety, volume, density and thermal conductivity of the sterilized articles, the sterilization time and pressure required are also different. If the bulk density of the object is large, the thermal conductivity is poor, and the sterilization time can be appropriately extended. In general, the temperature of the innermost layer should be 121 ° C; and for a period of time, it can really play a role in sterilization.

1. The volume of the sterilized articles should not be too large, nor should it be placed too much and too tight. So as not to affect the steam penetration.

2. Items that are not heat resistant and those that are corrosive to metals should not be placed in sterilization.

3. Uncapped bottled solution. Before sterilizing, apply the heat-resistant rubber stopper to seal the bottle mouth, then press the stopper with several layers of gauze, and fix the gauze with the rope outside the bottle neck.

4. When the sterilization starts, be sure to remove the air inside the device. Otherwise the reading on the gauge will be the sum of the pressures of both air and water vapor. The result is that although the pressure reaches the specified value, the temperature does not meet the requirements.

5. After the sterilization is terminated, the fast deflation, slow deflation and natural cooling can be carried out according to the different properties and different requirements of the sterilized articles.

6. If the sterilized articles are not damaged by the sudden drop of pressure and temperature, and the articles are required to be dried after sterilization, they can be quickly deflated. After the pressure returns to the “0” position, wait for one minute to open the cover. And continue to heat for 5-10 minutes, then take out the items, that is, for drying purposes.



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