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Drug Testing Instrument

  • Dissolution Apparatus

    Dissolution Apparatus

    Dissolution apparatus is a microcomputer-controlled mechatronics test equipment for dissolution measurement Dissolution assay Put a certain amount of a certain preparation into the basket (dissolution cup) of the dissolution apparatus, operate at a constant temperature of 37...Read More
  • Tablet Dissolution Apparatus

    Tablet Dissolution Apparatus

    Dissolution : refers to the rate and extent to which a drug is dissolved from a solid preparation such as a tablet in a predetermined solvent. Dissolution is an important indicator of tablet quality control, and poorly soluble drugs should generally be tested for dissolution...Read More
  • Tablet Disintegration Instrument

    Tablet Disintegration Instrument

    High-precision tablet disintegration instrument complies with the new version of the Pharmacopoeia and is widely used in pharmaceutical companies, drug testing institutes, etc. Technical ParametersRead More
  • Tablet Hardness Tester

    Tablet Hardness Tester

    The smart tablet hardness tester is a drug test instrument for measuring the hardness of a tablet. Tablets should have suitable hardness to avoid breakage or wear during packaging and transportation. Therefore, tablet hardness is an important indicator reflecting the level of...Read More
  • Medical Dissolution Tester Equipment

    Medical Dissolution Tester Equipment

    RQ810S is composed of RC810S dissolution tester connected to QY8 sampler. It has granule dosage, solvent temperature monitoring, automatic sampling point, and 30 seconds filtration capacity greater than 10ml. Its performance indicators are in full compliance with the...Read More
  • Tablet Dissolution Tester

    Tablet Dissolution Tester

    Dissolution Refers to the rate and extent to which active pharmaceutical ingredients are dissolved from a formulation such as a tablet, capsule or granule under specified conditions. It is an indicator for evaluating the quality of oral solid preparations of drugs, and is an...Read More
  • Drug Dissolution Apparatus

    Drug Dissolution Apparatus

    Providing a mechatronics test device controlled by a microcomputer for dissolution measurement, mainly composed of an electric motor, a thermostat, a basket, a stirring paddle, a dissolution cup and a cup cover Technical indicators: RC810G Dissolution tester QY8 SamplerRead More
  • Table Top Vacuum Steam Dental Sterilizer Autoclave with Drying Function

    Table Top Vacuum Steam Dental Sterilizer Autoclave with Drying Function

    Dental Autoclave, Autoclave Sterilizer, Medical Equipment manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Table Top Vacuum Steam Dental Sterilizer Autoclave with Drying Function, Veterinary Portable Medical Ultrasound Machine, Veterinary Medical Ultrasound System for Vets and so on.Read More
  • Intelligent Hardness Tester

    Intelligent Hardness Tester

    Features: 1. Interface double line redundancy design IO interface is designed in parallel with two lines, ensure stable and reliable operation in the case of 50% terminal virtual connection. 2. Built-in audit tracking It can store operations including but not limited to...Read More
  • Degassing Apparatus

    Degassing Apparatus

    TQ01 Degassing apparatus was developed according to the Chinese pharmacopoeia, which is used for the degassing with water in the early stage of the measurment of dissolution and releasing rate of solid preparation. The apparatus adopts degassing membrane to degassing, and...Read More
  • Dissolution Sampling System

    Dissolution Sampling System

    Features: 1. 26ml high precision and high pressure PEEK head syringe The patented technology can realize the effective sampling amount of 20ml at a single time, and it can withstand the pressure of 0.4mpa, and filter the viscous samples without leakage. PEEK heads are more...Read More
  • Intelligent Disintegrator

    Intelligent Disintegrator

    Features: 1. Capacitive touch screen High sensitivity color LCD capacitive touch screen, clear color, smooth operation and detailed display. Toughened glass screen, durable, high transparency. 2. One-body water bath Adopt the injection molding integrated PC water bath, no...Read More
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