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Class B+ White Color Medical Autoclave

Class B+ White Color Medical Autoclave

Sterilizer, Steam Sterilizer, Dental Unit manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Class B+ White Color Medical Autoclave (14L), 14B+ Automatic Door High Pressure Steam Sterilizer, N Class Autoclave (17L) and so on.

                                       Welcome to buy our quality and cheap class b+ white color medical autoclave for sale in bulk. As one of the leading Ultrasonic Homogenizer suppliers in China, we also welcome wholesale orders and customized orders. Now, please be free to check the price list with our factory.

Autoclaving is the most common and most effective method of sterilization in thermal sterilization. It has the advantage of strong steam penetration and can kill all microorganisms.

Sterilization verification

Sterilization verification is generally divided into the following parts:

Installation confirmation: First, confirm the integrity of the sterilizer random files and accessories, such as installation records, drawings, computer software, calibration of metering devices (temperature gauges, pressure gauges, time meters), etc. The environmental compliance is verified, such as water quality testing, safety requirements, etc. The third is to verify that the sterilizer installation meets the equipment installation requirements and confirm the concentration and quality of the sterilant.

Operational validation: Verify that the sterilization equipment is capable of providing specific processes within specified tolerances, such as heat distribution tests, including no-load heat distribution tests.

Performance confirmation: physical property confirmation and microbial performance confirmation, including full load heat distribution test (highest and lowest temperature point), heat penetration test, etc., use of biological indicators.

 Product release

In daily monitoring, it is necessary to monitor the temperature during pretreatment, the temperature and pressure of the entire sterilization process, and the like. In the end, only the biological indicator (BI) culture is completely negative and the sterilization process parameters are within the parameters of the performance verification, and the product can be released.

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