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CE Certified Advanced Full Auto Steam Autoclave

CE Certified Advanced Full Auto Steam Autoclave

Autoclave, Sterilizer, Steam Autoclave manufacturer / supplier in China, offering CE Certified Advanced Full Auto Steam Autoclave (MJ-78A), Mortuary Refrigerator for Three Bodies (HP-CR3N), Medical Supply Semi-Automatic Chemistry Analyzer and so on.

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Application of high pressure steam sterilization technology in medical waste disposal

(1) Overview of medical waste

1, concept and classification

At present, the definition of medical waste has not been unified. China defines it as: direct or indirect toxicity, pollution and infectious waste generated by various medical and health institutions in medical treatment, control, prevention, scientific research, teaching and related activities. . It may carry harmful substances such as infectious bacteria, pathogens, chemical pollutants, etc., and the risk is extremely high. There are many classifications of medical waste. Our country is mainly divided according to its nature and source, including pathological waste, pharmaceutical waste, infectious waste, chemical waste and injurious waste.

2, harm

There are two types of hazards of medical waste:

1 short-term acute hazards, mainly acute poisoning;

2 long-term potential hazards, including chronic poisoning, mutagenic and cancerous, contaminated soil and groundwater.

The flammability, reactivity and corrosivity of the hazard are mainly related to safety; its infectivity, toxicity, pollution, radioactivity, etc. are mainly related to health.

The main hazards of medical waste to the human body are: infectious pathogen hazards, carcinogenic or mutagenic hazards, chemical toxic drugs, radioactive waste hazards, etc. Among them, infective medical wastes are the most widespread and prominent, mainly for humans. The health poses a huge hazard.


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